Last night my brother came over for a visit after he left my b/f called me and was upset because her brother-in-law was drunk and was causing a big commotion. He wanted to talk to me on the phone (i've might of seen him in the past a couple of times) So I did he was talking about hurting himself or someone else..I listen then i return I told him to calm down and talk to me ...Well all he would do was rambling on bout this guy that was at his house wouldn't let me talk at all Handed phone back to his brother and said she thinks I stupid which I never said..My b/f has a 3 mon old and I was worried from them to be around this stuff..I asked her if she needed me to come over and she replied yes if you don't mind in case me and baby need to get out of here..So I did..When I got there her bil was up at a neighbors house talking to them her DH went and got him.He was a little upset because I was there but I was trying to calm him down.He would cry and try 2 fight anything around..I told him that God was there for him and could guide him in the right path but it was up to him to ask GOD for ..he kept telling me no that he had done alot of really bad things I reassured him that GOD forgives us all he had to do was ask..Well this went on for a while and wanting to go find this guy and mess him up..I just kept telling him that it was up to him that GOD would help him..after a while he said he wasn't going to drink anymore but he was leave to find a tap...All I can do is try to help people find their way to God and remind them he is there and all you have to ask and he will guide you.My b/f her DH and baby came and spent the night at my house so they could get a good nights rest..And so my b/f would feel safe. Something told me to go I feel like it was GOD putting it on my heart at least he could here the word and maybe he will think about it more when he sobers up..I welcomed him to come to church with me.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 5:01 PM that is all you can do hun and sometimes we have to let them figure it out on their own

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