1) My husband comes home and runs to the x-box or computer instead of asks if he can join whatever Sonia & I are doing.

2) Hearing my babysitter turn off the TV when I walk through the door--she was instructed not to watch TV with Sonia on her shift. There are other things they can do together. And she is being sneaky..while i'm paying her for that.

3) Hearing my grandma make smart-ass comments about my husband or the way I'm dressing my daughter.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 3:59 PM I agree that those are reasons to be angry.  The Xbox and Sports Channel occupies my boyfriend's attention and leaves me with all the work.  You should cut that babysitter's pay and tell her exactly why.  Tell her that you aren't paying her to be in your house watching TV, you are paying for her to interact with your child and keep her safe until you return.

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