Tuesday NJ votes for one of it's Senate seats. Incumbent, Sen. Frank Lautenberg was rated the #1 most progressive in the U.S Senate!!!! We need to keep people like this around as long as we can!


Here's some info about his Democratic Opponent:

Rob Andrews, who not only voted for Bush's war in Iraq, he actively recruited other Dems to vote with him!!!!



Congressman Andrews:
Bush’s Guy
Senator Lautenberg: Working to Hold Bush Accountable

During the critical first few years of the Iraq War, while Senator Frank Lautenberg was working to hold George W. Bush accountable for his deceptions and mistakes in Iraq, Rob Andrews was George W. Bush's cheerleader.

Only one candidate in this race co-authored one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in American history and huddled with the President to find the votes to pass it in the House. Only one candidate in this race - for years - continued to support the war in Iraq long after President Bush's deceit and deception were clear to the American people. That candidate is Rob Andrews.

While Senator Lautenberg was leading the fight to hold George Bush accountable for his deceit and deception on Iraq, Rob Andrews was cheerleading for George Bush's war.

As the Star Ledger reported:
  • "Andrews not only supported the invasion but was an author and vocal advocate of the war resolution, and attended the White House signing ceremony. In 2003, he said there was little doubt that there were chemical and biological weapons in Iraq, and predicted that the "evidence will become clear."
  • He began distancing himself from President Bush's war policy in the fall of 2005 as public support began to deteriorate, and in 2007 voted for a measure that would have required the president to start pulling troops out this year.
  • Andrews' shift on Iraq came as he was lobbying to be appointed to the Senate seat left vacant after Jon Corzine's election as governor. Corzine, with the power to name his own Senate successor, bypassed Andrews and picked Robert Menendez, then a congressman from Hudson County."
The Philadelphia Inquirer also documented:
  • "[A]mong Democrats and Republicans alike, Andrews was one of the most passionate supporters of military action against Hussein. He was one of a handful of Democrats on Capitol Hill who worked closely with the Bush administration to build support for the invasion.
  • He huddled with senior administration officials at the White House and, seeking to persuade fellow Democrats, worked the phones before the House vote authorizing Bush to use military force."

Timeline of Lautenberg & Andrews on the Iraq War


July 3, 2003
Senator Lautenberg characterizes George Bush's call to Iraq insurgents to "Bring 'em on" as "irresponsible and inciteful".

August 14, 2003
Senator Lautenberg says:"Earlier this year, the Bush Administration led the American people into a preemptive war to stop the threat of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. But last night, while no mention of these weapons was made, President Bush described the Iraq war as simply an extension of the war against terrorism. We have heard no evidence about Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq prior to the war in March, and now the Administration's lack of post-war planning has resulted in an unstable Iraq that is in danger of becoming a terrorist breeding ground. The American people need to be told the truth about the situation in Iraq."

October 2003
Vote on Bush Iraq War funding bill: Lautenberg: NO

January 20, 2004
Senator Lautenberg says:"President Bush's State of the Union speech last year was riddled with misstatements and untruths about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, his pursuit of nuclear weapons and supposed links to Al Qaida."

April 14, 2004
Senator Lautenberg says: "We recall that just about one year ago, President Bush stood on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and recklessly declared, 'Mission Accomplished.' It was an incorrect and premature statement. Since that time, we have lost more than 500 young Americans - nearly four times the death toll up to that point. How many more American casualties must we suffer before President Bush acknowledges that he needs to change course in Iraq?"

October 25, 2005
"I urge the President to pay tribute to [fallen soldiers'] memory by offering a realistic, concise plan that will allow us to finally transfer power to Iraqis and bring our troops home."


April 21, 2003
Congressman Andrews, on NPR: "I hear a renewed understanding that this war was right for the country because it was fought for the right principles at the right time."

September 24, 2003
Congressman Andrews told the Philadelphia Inquirer: "I am convinced the decision to get rid of Saddam Hussein was right. If I had [the chance] to cast the same vote again, I would."

October 2003
Vote on Bush Iraq War funding bill: Andrews: YES

January 12, 2004
"We are making great progress in Iraq but we have much work to do."

July 8, 2004
On the floor of the House of Representatives, Congressman Andrews declared:

"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to address some dangerous and potentially harmful conjectures that have been made by some of our colleagues in Congress regarding the reasons for going to war with Iraq.

Our decision to go to war with Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power was the right decision."

November 10, 2005
"[The Iraq War] removed a risk the country could not afford to bear. The fact of the matter is Saddam had the capability to produce biological and chemical weapons. Waiting would not have worked."

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Well I don't live in NJ, but I'll be rooting for Frank Lautenberg !

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