Aww summer is finally here.  (well maybe not OFFICIALLY here but close enough). 

 Kami's first summer!! 

 Oh gosh, this time last year I was just about 6 months pregnant.  

 Went to the family reunion last year pregnant and everyone was so excited.  This year when we go...I'll have lil Kami with me! 

 We're trying for baby #2 now as well, and I am SO DARN FRIGGIN EXCITED!

Yesterday my MIL came to visit (yesterday was her birthday) and we got SEVERAL great photos.  One pic was even a great shot of Kami's two bottom front teeth! Yeah!

Today we went on a walk and I got several pics of Kami playing in the grass LOL She wasn't too sure about the grass.

This next weekend is the family reunion.  We might not get to go cause of hubby's work which really really sucks.  We were going to take Kami to the Des Moines zoo too.  *sigh*  

But I am excited that summer is here.  

Swimming pools, BBQ's, *hopeful* road trips, playing in the grass, walks, and so much fun!

I want a bike and I want to get a buggy to put Kami in so she can go on rides.  I think Kami would really enjoy that, but we'll see.  

 LOL Can't type much Kami is being ornery and is getting into everything! 




Hubby, MIL and SIL  (I made us all go to the park for photos)

Hubby, MIL, Kami and SIL

MIL and Kami

MIL and hubby

Hubby and SIL

me and Kami

I LOOOVE THIS PIC of me and her!

THIS would be Kami's "I'm NOT amused" look LOL hahaha love this pic

FINALLY a photo where you can see her TEETH!! I've been TRYING and TRYING since May 15th to get a pic where you can see her teeth! LOL

Me and hubby (hubby is NOT amused, and my boob is trying to fall out my shirt...)

Kissy kissy!

And YES he was looking down my shirt....

Hitching a ride from grandma

LOL haha\


The BELOW pics are from today 6/1

Let Kami play outside in the grass she didn't quite no what to think....but I think she liked it alright.

Here she is in her stroller this morning

Sitting in the grass

I really like this pic

Kami picking a flower

Playing with a stick

Kami and daddy!! (Look at her adorabel face! LOL)


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 7:12 PM Love all the new pics, she's just always.  I can't believe she wasn't eating the grass...every single time we put Sean in the grass he tries to get a mouthful, lol.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:28 PM LOL Yah she didn't eat the grass, just stared at it like WOW what IS this stuff!!

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