Why do children always want the opposite of everything u give thm


Today Gracie and I and Andy (friends little boy went with us)..And they usually get a plain hambuger with nothing on it.. And today they wanted one with chesse and pickles on it after i already order there so i made them keep it and it what they wanted...

Children already have to much and there not thankfull when u do things for them or with themm..

But hey at least it made  her quite at church that she got to go to mcds to play after it was over!! lol

So there goes my day.. Know they are fussing over the new kittens.. :)   And over what color popsicle they want.. lol

Oh well im sure we did the same thing when we were little too just dont remember.. :)

thanks for listening


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 5:32 PM My 4 year old is the same way. If I bring him something home he will look at it and say "why didn't you get me the (whatever is the opposite of what I got him)?? I wanted the (opposite of what I got him)!!". I tell him "fine. give me that one back and I will go give it to a little boy that will appriciate it and you won't get any.".

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