The 3 things that make me angry faster than I could Blink The first one would be If somone hurt  or did anything too my kids ! You will see what hell looks like if you intentionally try too hurt  or harm any of my kids or family.

2ND THING - Judgemental / Ignorant and rude ass people - Theres a difference if you have an oppinion but if your trying too hurt somone too make yourself look good then you need too get a damn life . Dont judge me  no one but the man above has that right.

3rd - Abusers Domestic abusers Weak No minded people who beat on people . They should get there asses wooped .

I could go on and on but it says only 3


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:32 PM

1. Anyone that hurts my kids in any way.

2. Anyone that questions my parenting.

3. Anyone that abuses people that are unable to defend themselves.

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