Every holiday my kids ask their father what he wants for his birthday (Yule, Father's Day etc) and every time he says "I want you two to clean your room" and every holiday he is disappointed. Well, this year we are dead broke, though I did get a cake mix with frosting and some ice cream. Anyway, I decided to put a fire under my kid's fannies to actually clean their room today.

To understand the enormity of this request I suppose I would have to post pictures, but it is on it's way to be done, so I don't have any. All my pens and pencils are in there. My eldest had a bag of dirt and a canning jar of water in there. You can't put your foot down on the floor without shoving things to the side and you feel the desire to scrub the bottom of your feet when you get out. It is even worse than this, on top of the fact that I have an unspayed female cat who LOVES to pee on things that aren't put away or are in plastic. Everywhere in their room you can smell the pee that has been left because of the chaos. She doesn't do it in the rest of the house except on plastic bags USUALLY. (there have been exceptions).

So, now that you understand the sheer scope of the problem, you can appreciate that we have pulled out two big trash bags of stuff and a small plastic bag (kitchen). There is a box of books to give away too. We also took everything out of there that didn't belong there. I have at least four loads of laundry to do just from the stuff we pulled out of their room. It still isn't done, but it is SO much better now.

When my hubby comes home, we will show him the newly cleaned room and give him his cake and ice cream (as long as he comes home when he thinks he will be). I hope that he appreciates all the work that went into it. Even when he is pleased he doesn't always show it in a way that me and the girls understand it. He isnt' big with the emotional response.

So, Happy Birthday Honey!! I hope that you like your present!

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