I've always been told by my daddy that you can't fix stupid and boy was he correct. I've been in MI for the past month visiting my dad and brother. While visiting I couldn't figure out why my brother was so quiet and later learned that his son's mother isn't allowing my brother to see their son because they are no longer together and she's upset. Now if that isn't stupidity I don't know what is women don't understand that when you play games like those you hurt the kids not the men. I can't count the many times I've heard of women having kids to keep a man only to have the man leave and not be able to have a relationship with their kids because they are no longer interested in the mother. WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! Do women not understand that kids are a gift from God and we are only stewards over what's given to us and they can be taken from us at any given moment. Despite what one beliefs are this is true!

Complaining....it's usless stop complaining and do something about it....problem solved!!



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