So I came in to work yesterday at 3pm.(2:48pm to be exact) I worked until 12:22am. I stayed at the hotel because I had to be back at 7am. I came in this morning at 6:45am. I was *sopose* to get off at 3pm, but my co-worker(lazy kid) calls and says he was going to a graduation party, and would be late. Late, I was thinking would be 10 or so minutes. It is now almost 5pm. I have tried to call him, and he is not answering. I am really tired,hungry, and just want to go home. Then when I get off, I have a 40 minute drive home....He knows I have been here all this time, and he can't have the respect to come in to relieve me???

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 6:30 PM what a goober.... i hope u told the boss.

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