OK.  So our Homeowner's Association wanted to build a new Community Hall.  The vote for it barely passed based on one proposed price.  Once all the the contractors were lined up the price went UP by like 3 million dollars.  So then they wanted to increase our yearly association fee.  PLUS they intended on some of the funding to come from the sale of some community owned properties (ok, this when ALL property sales dropped to NOTHING).  Then a couple of community residents put in a suit because they association ok'd the price increase without a community vote (They're permitted to ok a certain amount but this went WAY over their limit).  Finally the construction process was halted and a revote happend and this time majority voted against the new hall.  BUT there were some fees still due because of the blueprints and other things "done".  Yearly HOA bills come WITH an increase and the associaton office did a song and dance that the increase had nothing to do with the hall (Punitive?)

For several years (since I've been taking the girls to the community pools) for community residents withOUT a pool membership it cost $7 for 9 & up, under 9 were free.  The just this past November re-opened one of the pools as an indoor pool for year round use and the fee went to $8, ok doable.  We were just there 2 weeks ago.  Ok, Memorial day weekend last weekend the outdoor pools open, Mike takes the girls to the pool today.  They charge HIM $8 (expected) and now, kids under 5 are free up but 5 - 15 are now $5 EACH.  AND our yearly HOA fee went up too without any increase in what it pays for.  Yes, it pays for our fire/police/ambulance, public works nd that's about it.  No changes in the 12 years I've lived here.  I know there have been increases in all kinds of daily things (not to mention gas) but this place just seems to want to reem it's residents more and more each year and this began BEFORE the economy down turn.  We couldn't sell this place 3 years ago at the begining of the housing turn, can't dream of it now.

I was also going to plan our 6 year old's birthday party at one of the pools.  I'm still calling our rec dept to make sure THOSE prices haven't changed and voice my "concern" over this monetary reeming.  I know that they are not getting the pool membership they hoped for, so now they'll make the people who do a daily use pay and pay dearly.   Well, so now my kids will get ALOT more beach time.  We can park at the park & ride and ride the bus into town for $1 a piece and set ourselves out at the beach for the day.  We get hungry, either we bring a cooler or go to the boardwalk and get all kinds of great beach eats.  Hopefully in 3 years the market will change, we'll sell this place and move outside of it to a place with some real property, where I can cut down a tree rather than waiting for it to fall on my house (like one DID) and who knows, put in my own pool (or at least an above ground) and STILL have the same great access to the beach.

If you've read this far, thanks for reading my vent.  It could be pregnancy hormones, or maybe just sick of this blasted place finding new ways of taking what little we have left after all of life's other demands.  I KNOW a pool is not a necesity in life.  I grew up swimming in a river (don't have that here) but it's a nice break from the everyday and something my kids look forward to.  Mike (dh) just says, "it is what it is".  If you say everything "is what it is", then everything will always be what someone ELSE say "it is".

Rant and rave is done.  Back to readying a room for the baby.  Next weekend a relaxed day at the beach.

God bless you for reading.  Hope I didn't hurt your eyes, lol.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:55 PM CM is a great place for venting, isn't it?  Hope things start looking more up... everything seems to be going up in price though so I should say hope they start going DOWN.

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