Well today my baby is 4 months. Ya shes still a baby but to me shes no longer my little newborn. We are out of the 0-3 'new baby stages'. Shes getting so big! She loves to stand and tries to walk. Isnt happy unless shes doing something. I am finding that she does get bored easy and is gonna be quite mouthy lol. She giggles and laughs all the time now and she makes my heart melt whenever I go to get her out of her crib and I get the biggest smile as soon as she sees me.

We have some tummy issues. The doctors are concerned that she has pyloric stenosis. The ultrasound and upper GI came back good. So it must not be that. So now we are at the GERDs diagnosis. Feedings are getting very hard cuz shes cries alot and arches her back while eating. So besides that she wiggles all over when trying to feed her, she doesnt like eating cuz it 'hurts'. We started baby Zantac yesterday and I know it takes a week to see anything but I dunno if its gonna be strong enough. This morning was horrible. She threw up more than she normally does before we started the zantac. I dont know what to do.  With pyloric stenosis the vomiting gets worse and hers still is. She has gained no weight in 2 months and has actually lost a little. She is barely 10lbs and the Dr said she should be at 12-14. So we have to ride it out for a week and go back to the Pediatrician. On the upside I LOVE her ped. She is so awesome. She got more accomplished in the 15minutes of our first visit than our old Dr has done in 3 months! So of course YAY NO SURGERY but I am still sad that somethings wrong with her. I can't help but think its my fault...maybe I missed too many days of my prenatals...I know thats stupid but I can't help thinking I did something wrong. Everyone wants their babies to be perfect.

As for our neighbors we have everything worked out and they are actually really nice. The neighbor let us borrow his drill so we could hang a cabinet in the bathroom. So thats good. Regardless Momma is still getting a big mean doggie!!! I want a pitbull but Chuck said no cuz someday we might move back to ohio (I doubt it)

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