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About Shopping Club Mom's Of CafeMom

Hi! Welcome to Shopping exchanged Club, this is a group designed to help boost your website sales and help recruit new consultants. You will make a purchase of $10 every month from one other WAHM consultant. Your 1st month you will buy from who referred you (ME)to the group. Your first purchase will be from the group owner and is mandatory to join this group! This is required of all group members and makes sure that everyone is serious about being a member here. Your first purchase counts as your first monthly purchase YOU MUST SPEND $10 ON PRODUCTS AND If you do not make your purchase by the last day of the month you will Be OUT OF THE GROUP! .....You just have to mark in the database who you have purchased from and the amount. ONLY ONE REP PER COMPANY. (You can purchase from as many people as you want in a month as long as you make your one required $10 purchase.)

NOTE: If you want to represent more than one company you will have to spend that amount. (You can rep for up to 4 companies by spending $40 per month.) If you would like to do a catalog or online party from another member that offers them instead of your monthly purchase that will also count.

PLEASE MAKE SURE WHEN JOINING YOU WRITE YOUR COMPANY(S) YOU ARE GOING TO REPRESENT, YOUR NAME AND WHO REFERRED YOU.It will be Me as the first Seller! I will Post the winnerSeller) of the monthHello!! I need the following info please.
Upon approval please make your initial purchase with me soon

My name Is Kathy J.lets make money!
Companies I NEED

At Home America
Jewels by Park Lane -
Dove Chocolate at Home -
Discovery Toys

Country Gourmet
Create A Can
Home & Garden Party
Noah's Ark Workshop
Passion Partiy-
Simpatico Living
Top Line


You can always find this group with the following URL:

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