My whole life changed when i found out i was having a baby.Because for the longest time i thought i wasn't able to:(But god had other plans for me...once i stopped trying he blessed me with  the most sweetest girl in the world.During the time i felt very sleepy and had to watch what types of food I ate...i felt fat and not to pretty...but all my friends said i was cute...which helped...and my boyfriend told me i was had my lil girl at 38 weeks because she was very i had very bad back family and my boyfriends family love her deeply...she brings so much joy into this stressful world we all live in...i'm so thankful to have her...and even though i miss my sleep and much more...i wouldn't change any of it.:)My boyfriend tells me i need to take a break...that i need more rest...and how i should have someone watch our baby so we can have some time alone...but, its hard for me to do older sis has watched her for us so we can go see a movie or go out to dinner...but the whole time i think of my she ok...what is she doing...and so on...i even feel bad for leaving her behind...and when i start to have fun...that's when i feel like she should be with me...that she needs her mommy...i'm getting better at this....i think...i know i'm a good mommy..but think i need to work on letting go...i know she's in good hands...and as she gets older i can't always be with what is a mom to do?well...i'm a new-be at this place and hope to make some new pals...and have some fun:)thanks for your time and have a great day!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:01 AM

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