This is a story about about my little man..His name is Shannon.

He was born April 9,2008 with a lot of problems that faithful night.

He was in the hospital fighting for his life, and he was leaving without a fight.

I'd see the doctors help him, but let him lay there in pain. Most of the time I go home I'd wanna go insane.

His little heart wasn't beating so well, and he always felt cooped up in a shell.

He was born with one kidney and it's inflamed;  If he eats too much it could burst into flames.

His kidney presses against his stomach and causes him pain..and all day he cries in vain..

He was born with a hole in his lung and it's finally sealed..then came with an infection that didn't wanna get killed..

I felt half my soul is in that hell, and at home I wasn't doing so well.

Then later we heard he was finally able to go home and the first few night he didn't fell alone.

It was hard to learn how to be a mother and it was wonderful to have help from my lover.

My son feels great to have a mom and dad even though he's in pain and feels very sad...

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