Okay - three things that piss me off. I don't get pissed off too easily (anymore) So this one is actually taking some thought. I want to say that the first one would probably be when some one makea derogatory remark about my daughter Daddy. I knew going into an interracial relationship that we were going to have certian obstacles, especially with my family, that other relationships would not have but I chose to be in the relationship because my love for him surpasses anything. I didn't care about what anyone else thought. We have been through so many things that most people would consider unimaginable, and we've made it through and he's always been so good to me. So, natrually, when some one has something negative to say I am quick to jump on them about it.

Secondly, when some one does something concerning my daughter that I specifically ask them not to do. For instance - when she was a little over a month old I let her spend the night with my mother. My wonderful, loving mother who had been pressuring me to give her a few oz of water saying that it would help her digestive system. Her doctor told me not to give her water yet, and so I don't. Don't get me wrong - I am not by any means a by the book, or by the doctor mom. I do all kind of stuff that they reccomend I don't. But still - the fact of the matter is I asked her not to give her water. And she does anyway. Her logic is, well I may not be her mother, but I'm her grandmother. I'm your mother so I can do what I want. I don't have to ask or do as you wish concerning your daughter. That pisses me off to high heavens. And the sad thing is...her Daddy's step mom is the same way. So I'm dealing with it times two!


and the third and final thing that piss me off faster than anything....my boyfriend. I can't even say why he pisses me off...he just does. Over little things that shouldn't even matter. 

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