I was making mac-n-cheese. went to pour the noodles into the boiling water. Spilled half the noodles onto the stove. Some went under the burner. So i turned the burner off, moved pot to another one to finish cooking. and figured ok, when burner cools, i clean out from under it. lol--not the stoves idea.

I walked into livingroom to check on kids, and smelled smoke. Walk balk into kitchen and stove top is on fire. Apparently the noodles werre hot enough under the burner to catch! LOL Oh man. what amess. My dad followed me o kitchen, and blew the flames out. seriusly like the big bad wolf he sucked in some air--and BLEW! just like that they went out. I aksed if he made a wish! he growled at me, told me I am responsible for clearing smoke, and soot out, and scrubbing every inch of kitchen--which is my job anyway--so ok !|

So now my bro is calling his friend telling them i caught mac-n-cheese on fire. LITTLE BROS are nuts! They never grow up. they always will look for ways to pick on you,. so that is my funny of the day.


btw: no serious damage, some scorch marks and a big mess is the worst of it. so we are all good.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:33 PM well i never caught mac-n-cheese on fire but i have burned hard boiled eggs... lol

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