I was just reading a very long post that came about because of another post about the definition of preemies....My response? Who cares if they were, treat their current medical needs, and love them. Dont bicker over the past....does it matter anymore? Focus on that little miracle that is in front of you NOW.....etc....I dont want to repeat all that I wrote...

Yet, it reminded me just how high risk Jamie and I were. Just how miraculous it was that we even got pregnant, much less that we both made it through alive! So, right now i'm very emotional. I'm feeling so much love for him....I could burst! Lord knows that I love my precious miracle more than anything in this universe! Only God comes before my little man. Isnt it funny how sometimes reading something just takes you back....and shows you just how wonderful things are now? My life could be a soap opera in the past.....right now? I just want to hold and love my little man. There is no me anymore....it's now "us"...I love him so much that I honestly believe if anything happened to him I'd die of a broken heart. I never knew there was this much love here on earth, except between a Christian and God. This almost trumps that, lol. Or should I say that it makes God's love for us crystal clear now? A parent's love for a child....there is nothing stronger. I want to weep and cry out for joy every day that I have him with me. I just cant and wont imagine....you know what I mean?

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 5:54 PM

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