I was just on another post and some comments were made... So I thought I would use some of that steam- which not that i am angry, but I am on a roll and can't get this out of my head so I thought I would turn the leftovers into a journal post.

You know how its so funny that many- not all- but many "older" folks have this notion that younger people don't know what they want or can't be "settled" or a number of other things just because we're young. I wonder if its because they're pissed off because young people have the stereotype that "old" people always are bagging on younger folks... but I wonder what would bring about that notion?

Me personally? I would never make a statement, at least not such a generalized one, stating that someone older or younger knew something more than someone older or younger. Being older, doesn't make you more mature. It just makes you older. Its too funny because there are people, 4-6 years older than me, calling me a baby. I keep thinking... what gives these folks the right to say that to me? Because they have been around that much longer. HA. Its so funny that alot of these people are mostly still single or with a boyfriend or girlfriend. They go out and party and do all the silly little things they did in high school or weren't allowed to do in high school. 

If anyone, older or younger, tried to tell me that due to age I didn't know what I wanted, the would be very wrong in that statement. I want to be happy. I do the things that bring happiness to my life. I wanted to have the love of a good man in my life. So I have a wonderful husband who joined the military after we were married to make sure we would have a stable life, and then I got pregnant with the child that I wanted to have....planned... and we have a stable life and we pay our bills and we live just about like most adults do. We have no debts at the moment other than our car payment. We already made the credit cards mistakes, paid them off and learned our lesson there. We make informed adult choices and we also are not so proud to ask for a little advice from our parents when needed. Such as we are going to be buying a house soon. This will be our first one and most first time buyers can be... well uninformed and get in over their heads or get talked into something they didn't really want.

I guess most important to this little thing is that you can't look at me and tell me anything or that you know any better than I do. There are so many circumstances and choices and personality traits and so many other factors that determine what a person is like and what they feel and how they will react. Even if I was the same age as these said older folks, itt might not make me more mature. Why not? What if the way I was raised caused me to be a forever wild seed that never wants to settle? Due to me being a different person, even if we had ALL THE EXACT SAME experiences, my upbringing, attitude and personality and the same attributes of another, any, other person would make how we handle the situations very different from being different people. Age will always be a number to me. I don't like to be judged on my age, just like some older folks would hate it if I used the term OLD instead of older... because it is the truth. Someone even very slightly over my age is still OLDER than me, but to say they're OLD is just rude.... I have my own morals and values and ideas and such about things. I have always tried to think for myself and figure out how i want things in my life to be because its my life. I decide all those things and does it mean that I should let my age determine whether i can have those things or not?

I do have certain things about me that slow me down and hinder me, but do i let them stop me? NO!!! I'm determined. I know the things I want in my life and what i don't. From time to time those things may change, but things in everyone's lives are always changing.

Anyways.. I'm not really trying to grouch, just trying to put out there that not all young people are as incompetent as some folk think. Yes, so it may be true for alot of younger folks out there, but why does it have to be true for ALL young people?

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 11:24 PM I agree. Compared to you, I am probably older. I dont know how old you are, but I am just guessing. I am 39. But I can tell you, while I am wiser and a better person than I was at 25, this really has nothing to do with the number of my age. I know plenty of people 10 years or more younger than me who are just as mature and I know plenty of people 10 years older who are more childish and irresponsible. The bottom line, is be secure in who you are and forget the ones who dont give you credit. They are the ones with the issue IMO.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 12:42 AM

Thank you. Again, another comment from the people who make me feel the best. You are older, I'm 21, and I know I show my young stripes now and again and I know I will be wiser in my ways as I mature and get older, more experience and more things and more time to correct the things that work and what doesn't. Some people learn to work out the kinks as they age and figure out what works and toss what doesn't. Some people think that forever young is the best idea. Me, I have always been strong headed and stubborn and sometimes naive... These are character traits, not age handicaps...lol... I have always been so and I will keep that flare and spark. it makes me unique. I do have alot of knowledge for my age and I choose to do with it what I will. As some young people do and some choose not to, I took a note and learned from some of my parents mistakes because I knew I didn't want those mistakes in my life. Then again, there were other things that i knew only the experience of could help  me understand and figure things out. What works financially for my mom, may not work for me. I like to find my own path and make my own mistakes so I can find what works for me and stay true to myself. I do email my mom or call her up and ask her for advice. She gives it so well. She usually has a few other options i didn't think of, but she never pushes it and she never tells me what I should or shouldn't do.. She does always let me know what she thinks would be a good idea, but knows that just because it might be a good idea and would work for her, doesn't mean it would work out for me. I'm not trying to make my way all alone in the world, but I don't always want to follow a path carved by others. Also, people worry about their age too much. 20 is too young, just a baby, but 30 or 40 is too old. The way I see it, If I live to be 80.. At 40, I will have only lived half my life. how can 40 be old? 80,90, 100's... Now THAT'S old. That's when you've been around for a good while.  Anyways... I'm rambling... I'm tired...lol... Thanks for the comment dollface and I love yah for it!

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