-Act naturally                            -"Now, then ..." 
-Exact estimate                           -Synthetic natural gas 
-Religious intolerance                    -Christian Scientists 
-Microsoft Works                          -Passive aggression 
-Jumbo shrimp                             -Taped live 
-Assistant Supervisor                     -Clearly misunderstood 
-Plastic Glass                            -Peace force  
-Uninvited Guest                          -Toronto Life 
-Elevated subway                          -Temporary tax increase 
-Military intelligence                    -Computer jock 
-Authentic reproduction                   -Plastic glasses 
-Limited lifetime guarantee               -Terribly pleased 
-Highly Depressed                         -Computer security 
-Live recording                           -Political science 
-Dry lake                                 -Tight slacks 
-Forward lateral                          -Definite maybe 
-True replica                             -Pretty ugly 
-Found missing                            -Twelve-ounce pound cake 
-Partial cease-fire                       -Diet ice cream 
-Standard options                         -Rap music 
-Original Copy                            -Working vacation 
-New Tradition                            -Genuine imitation 
-Resident alien                           -Safe sex 
-Airline food                             -Almost exactly 
-Good grief                               -Government organization 
-Same difference                          -Sanitary landfill 
-Alone together                           -Living dead 
-Legally drunk                            -Silent scream 
-British fashion                          -Business ethics 
-Small crowd                              -Soft rock 
-Butt head                                -New classic 
-Software documentation                   -California culture 
-Sweet sorrow                             -Childproof  

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 6:59 PM One that always drove me nuts was "post-modern" when we were talking ab the post-modern era in school (which is what they call our era now - weird.)

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