Saturdays are the only days we as a family spend it together. But most of the time, we still are a seperate unit - he sits in front of the TV/computer.  He bought a 61 inch DLP screen and hooked it up to the TV, computer, XBOX360. I work part time in the evenings and he works two fulltime jobs. I have asked him to cut back on hours.  In the evening job, he only needs to work the minimum 25 hours for us to be able to keep the health insurance. But he doesnt to.

I try to work on the nights he has off, that way we dont have need to find and pay a babysitter.

So yesterday, he woke up and took a shower, and watched TV.  I got up, changed the girls diapers,  and as I was preparing breakfast, he left the house. He walked in the house as we were all eating.  I dont ask where he goes and he doesnt say anything anyway, but I did notice he got a haircut.  I served him breakfast and gave him whats left of the milk. After he finished, he went back to the TV.

During this time, I took a shower and when I came out, I noticed that the girls were too quiet.  Well, one got the syrup from the table and was fingerpainting their mini kitchen.  And the other one got a hold of the carpet deodorizer and thought it was talc because she was rubbing it on her belly. I looked at the Husband who was watching TV, and was dreaming about putting him in a chokehold and giving him knuckle sandwiches.  But I kept quiet, choosing my battles.  I got both girls and took them a bath.

I then put on Pocahontas for them, while I spring cleaned my entire house.  I felt so proud of myself.  I didnt ask him to help, nor would he offer.  And making a list or choosing chores will not help me at all.  Because he just wont do it.  "He works two jobs and is too tired." He uses this excuse when I try and make plans for all of us to go for a walk or to the park.

When I finished, I got the girls ready and we left in the double stroller to the park. As we were leaving the house, the Husband was walking up to the house with his niece. I told him I didnt know he left the house and that we were heading to the park, if he wants to come, to get the older stroller and lets go.  And he did. I was so in shock. So as we are walking there, I start saying what a beautiful day it was, and how glad I am that he came with us.  And he just grunted in reply.  We arrive at the park and he sits on the bench and watches.  Meanwhile, I play with all three girls on the swings, slides, and monkey bars.  We are a good time.

After the park, we headed to my Inlaws, because an Aunt of his was coming to visit.  And then he turns into Father of the Year; starts playing with the girls, hugging them, kissing them.

We get home, and I told him we had no toilet paper, or milk.  He starts complaining that he bought the groceries last week.  I told him I had no money, and he knows this because he has access to our joint account and I do everything in it.  He knows what I buy or spend my money on. I said fine, whatever, we can wipe our butts with paper and the girls can go without milk.  And then I noticed we only had 3 pullups left.

He said nothing and proceeded on opening a box that he received from UPS.  Sure he can spend his money on all the electronic crap he needs for his computer but not for groceries. Around 10 PM, he comes out of the bedroom and asks where the toilet paper is.  I swear, sometimes I wonder how he can wipe his own butt.  And sometimes I wonder where his common sense and his mind went too.  And then I think to myself, whatever happened to my common sense and my mind; what the hell did I see in him.

At 10:30 he then asks what do we need from the store.  I gave him a list of the essentials, milk, cheese, bread, toilet paper, and juice.  I didnt want to ask for any more in case he starts his whining.  When he did come back, he got everything and sodas, and even pampers for my oldest.

It was nice what he did of buying the pampers. It shows he was listening  Although, I didnt mention to him we needed pullups, he must have overheard me speaking to our daughter. Like I said, it was nice what he did, but he doesnt know that our girls have sensitive skin and cant wear just any brand of diapers or pullups.

I will say one thing, I am so surprised that he didnt ask for sex.  Everytime he does a good deed, or helps in some way he asks for sex.  Yes, I know how romantic.  Please dont say, well have more sex with him, initiate it, go for it without him having to ask.  I have been there and tried and you know what, he still treats me the same.  I had hopes that it will soften him and have him treat me like a wife/partner but nope.  He is still the distant, selfish, moody  man that only thinks of himself.

So this morning, I took the girls and we went to the store and bought diapers and pullups.  Cross your fingers, I get paid tomorrow, or else my overdraft protection fees will kick in.

Anyways, this was a short (LOL) synopsis of how we spent our "Family day".



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Jun. 10, 2008 at 1:22 AM OMG... we are married to the same man... lol.. My husband is the exact same..the only difference is we live with my parents and I'm a SAHM.. I feel like a married single mom... ever feel that way?

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