Today in service we had the privilege of listening to a Born-again
Jewish Missionary to Thailand, Judah Becker, and his beautiful new
music artist wife, Katie Becker, tell us about their mission to save
children from prostitution and slavery. First he told us his
testimony that starts with him being 2 years old and hearing God tell
him that He was his friend. At 17 he accepted Christ as the Messiah
which led him to starting many churches in Thailand and then God
spoke to him in a very clear way that he wanted to change his mission
to save the children. You have to hear the story from him, but
suffice it to say, God's hand has been in each event in his life.
Katie joined him as his for life partner just six months ago. You
can read their bio's on the site. If you email the ministry, ask
about Liee (not sure about the spelling but it has a long "i" and a
long "e" sound in her name) You will be astounded at what he tells
you. They are headed to Montana next, and I know they will go just
about anywhere to get this coffee sold. He brought 3 1/2 cases to
Crossroads Newlife Fellowship (my new church here in WY) and we ended
up taking orders for more as we bought it all and then some. It is
Organic and the only coffee imported to the US that he knows of that
is not sprayed with formaldehyde. Check it out...

DH and I just bought 1.5 lbs and one of Katie's music CD's. This
was a special he was offering at the Church.

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