1.  Interrupting me when I'm talking.  I can understand when the kids do it because they're just learning manners and such but when someone else does it I just see red.  My husband is a particularily bad offender.  We'll be having a conversation and he'll interrupt my sentence because he thinks he knows what I'm about to say.  It's the fastest way for us to turn a discussion into an argument.

2.  Talking down to me.  I'm not an idiot, I don't need to be spoken to as if I were.  I'm also not a crazy woman.  Interrupting me and then choosing to talk to me as if I were an idiot is a sure-fire way to turn me into a crazy woman though.

3.  Doing things I specifically asked you not to do.  Especially if I've just asked you not to do it.  Sure, dumping your coffee out on the grass probably won't do anything but you could show me the respect of not doing it when I just asked you to not do it.

The third one is a tough one for me.  For instance, I took my older son to a birthday party while my parents looked after my younger son.  I was doing laundry when they arrived and my mom asked me if I wanted her to do it while I was out.  I told her not to do the laundry.  She did it anyway.  I know she was trying to be helpful.  I know that me being angry feels like I'm completely unappreciative but there's a reason that I asked her not to do it. 

I was washing my pants for work.  I have only been able to find one pair of black pants that fit me.  I only work 3 days a week so it's not a problem to wash them when I need to.  The problem is that they don't go in the dryer.  They're not supposed to go in the dryer.  They're supposed to lay flat to dry.  My mother put my pants in the dryer.

I'm hoping I calm down enough before I see them later this evening.  I hope my older son doesn't rat me out for being angry at Grammie for doing the laundry.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 7:16 PM well they should make this thirty things that make you made because you just added three more to my list! lol  I have a bad offender of a husband too #1 so I feel your pain.  It's so frustrating when you can't even get more than a sentence out.

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