I'll post the article here also. This little girl has worked very hard.

My 5 year old daughter Katrina likes to ask all the hard questions that I can't answer.
"Why do people die?"
"Why are there children who don't have enough food?"
"Why are there kids with no place to live?"
"Why doesn't someone help them?"
"Can I do something to help them?"
As an adult I suppose I've started to be a little jaded, no there is nothing that can *really* be done BUT still we talk about these things with her and that we should try. I guess it sunk in.
A couple of days ago Katrina asked for a box and then went outside. She came back in a while later and said she had collected rocks and could I please help her sell them so she could give food to people who needed it.
"Katrina, I don't think anyone is going to buy plain rocks."
"Well, then I will paint them." And she did.
I took pictures, editted them, and put a posting onto craigslist not sure whether or not anyone would want some rocks painted by a 5 year old.
A wonderful woman responded and said to say instead that it was 3 cans of food in trade for a rock that was wanted. She then went on to tell her family and friends as well as post a notice on several different sites online.
Katrina is thrilled that people want to help.
She is thrilled that there are so many good people out there.
And she is so excited that she is helping out and that soon she will be giving food to kids who need it.
I don't really know most of you that I'm emailing, most have been contacts through craigslist but I thought that perhaps you could help spread the word of what she is trying to do.
I'm amazed at the things a 5 year old is able to dream of and believe in and I think maybe it's a little bit catchy because I'm starting to believe it too.
Thanks for reading this long note and thanks in advance for your support.
Sincerely Nicole
(Katrina's Mother)

York Daily Record

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