Delainey will be 1 next week!!!  I cant believe it.  She has grown up so much.  She has started to crawl (YAA!!!!) hated being on her belly but is now moving around..the race is on!  I am so proud of her.  The changes of the year are spectacular.  With her being a preemie we have grown so much together (me and her) and I wouldnt have changed any part of it.  Thank you Cafe Mom also because with out this group I would have been at the Drs everyday I am sure.  The support has been wonderful.  Delainey is now waving and saying bye bye, Beau, Dixie and momma so her vocab is wonderful.. I am just so excited when I look back and see the changes.  When you have a preemie those changes mean so much to a mom. It's like I would have been happy, and excited even if she was full term but bec I have whatched the struggle to do those things like crawling I feel like I have just one the lottery.  Thanks again everyone for being there!!! 

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