Michael started throwing up yesterday and finally quite this morning. It was a long night. it seemed that every time, when I finally got to lay down and doze off, he would start crying and get sick everywhere. 4 loads of laundry later. He has not slept much today, just off and on. I try to lay him down, but he wakes up. the worst has been not letting him drink, even though I know how thirsty he is. I have only been giving him small amounts every 20 minutes. so far he has kept it down and has not gotten sick since this morning. I just hope he does not relapse tonight. The doctor said this is going around big time and that even the parents are going to get it. Oh yippee! I just cant wait. I sent Nicolas to stay with Nana yesterday, I'm sure he has been exposed, but maybe he can avoid it, he can be really difficult when he is sick. Even more so than a 2 yr old who can not tell you what is wrong. I hope he does not get it not sure if I can deal with him. DJ wanted to stay, mostly to play with the neighbor.

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