Today was moving day for my friend and her family. My husband and I offered to help them move- they were supposed to be out today- they've been moving loads here/then but they had SO MUCH stuff! We made two loads with our trailer, they had a trailer and a Rental truck & they still didn't get it all. They still need to make two or three more loads with their trailer tomorrow and clean the house so they can (hopefully) get the deposit back. My husband and I are both tired & my dd is tired/ cranky too. My friend is going to call the owner and ask for 1 more day so that they can get everything out in the morning- I'm going over to help her clean. Needless to say, it's been a long hot day and I am so drained! This just confirmed my feelings- I am not moving again- I don't want to put my friends/family through it, and it's such a stressful time!



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