Today my step-daughter and I were at my sister's house hanging out. My step-daughter and my nieces were outside playing with the neighbor girl next door. They were all getting along fine when all of a sudden my step-daughter comes into the house screaming and crying saying that the neighbor girl socked her in the face. So I get the whole my step-daughter and my nieces point of view of what happened and then decided to go over there and find out what she had to say about the whole situation. Before I could even really get a word in edge wise on the whole situation the neighbor lady comes flying out of her house and starts yelling at my sister and me saying that we need to keep our kids out of her daughters face and all this shit. Well my sister has had problems with this little girl in the past hitting her daughter as well. So this whole arguement breaks out between the neighbor and my sister and I. So now the kids are upset cause they can no longer play outside today because we don't feel comfortable letting them play outside because we know the neighbor girl wont stay away from our kids and we don't want to deal with them getting hurt by her again. It just frustrates me that the lady next door seems to think her daughter is perfect and can never be the one causing the problems between the kids. Her daughter has not only caused problems with my sisters kids and now with my step-daughter but she has only caused problems with the two girls that my sister babysits.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:00 PM I would have called the cops. This would have at least started a history of her abusiveness before it gets too serious; if it does....which I hope it doesn't. We use to live next to neighbors like that. My heart goes out to your family.

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