For those of you who know me, know that I am talking about vacation from my school job......I am so looking forward to cleaning out my basement, organizing my photos, and just being with my family! These last 4 weeks of work will be hard, since my 2nd school knows I am not planning on coming back. Recently, I had a shouting match with the teacher I work with, and now, I feel that she's going to make every agonizing hour count!

I have decided that I am going to attack this with a smile, however. I know that after these 19 days of work, I will never again, have to work at this school, with this teacher or any other person at that school.....just that fact makes me smile!



What I am planning at the second school:

During the 19 days, I will be able to professionally carry out my job, without too much stress, without too much grumbling under my breath!  I will come to work happy, leave trails of sunshine where-ever I go, and make those who are planning on making me unhappy, know that they can't get under my skin!  I will sing, play and dance and drop chocolate kisses on the desks of all my students! And, on the last day of school, I will politely say goodbye to all my students, give them a great big hug, and watch them, as they get on their bus, one last time this year. Then I'll turn to the rest of the staff, drop my draws, and tell them all to kiss my ass! And then, I'll get in my car, and go get a nice, big, frozen mudslide!

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