Ok..now I have been pregnant a few times in my life so I am not terribly new to the TTC cruelties. Today has been crazy from the get go...heres whats up..

- yesturday at 5dpo I had a smidge of a temp drop which I would consider normal for myself
- today at 6dpo I woke up feeling like I had drank a pitcher of margaritas
- Extremly dizzy...to the point that I got outta bed and fell right back in it on the way to record my temp this morning
- I am nauseated off and on
- pulling pains when I was laying down trying to nap...went to roll over on my left side and pulled on the right. And when getting up too fast it pulled so hard I had to double over to get it to stop.
- I dont spot in 2ww...NEVER spot till right after AF and today I had (sorry kinda gross and tmi) spotted mucousy redish grey. Only did this once.
- EXTREME fatigue today. Went to bed last night at 1am woke up at 11am and then was napping at 1pm and slept 2hrs.
- I had zero appetite this morning..smell of food made me feel sick, after my nap I wanted to eat everything I could see. Ate dinner and felt sick again.

Could ALL of this be from implant??? Or am I nuts?? Just looking for some feedback I guess you could say. TIA!!


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Jun. 5, 2008 at 3:16 PM It sounds like it could be implantation spotting.  I had the dip in temperature and am now pregnant for the 8th time with (hopefully) baby #4.  Sounds like you and I are on the same kind of ride.  When do you expect your period?  What is fertility friend saying your chances of being pregnant are?  Well let me know how everything goes, I have been checking in with your page every now and agfain. 

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