Today was such a good day for me.  If you read my last journal post you know how I have been feeling lately.  However, today was great.  Instead of focusing on all of the negative, I focused just on my children and my husband, and man oh man did we have fun.  Every now and then I let this overwhelm me and I can sometimes loose track of what is important. 

For me, my husband (who I will adore with every ounce of me for the rest of my life) and my children are truly the most important people in my life.  I have good friends and then I have great friends (who I wished lived at least in the same state) but I will always have my family.  Watching Corey make up stories about Pokemon and listening to my daughter learn to babble and talk woke me up to the beauty I have in my home. 

There will always be times when I get overwhelmed.  What I am going through is going to not end until probably next year, but the great thing about it is that I know I will never let it break me. 

Time to go and watch Americas Funniest Home Videos with my family.  Have a wonderful night!


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