I have to say.... maybe its just me but my meaning of family is unconditional love, and you accept members of your family regardless... Yes, you may not like what they have done or what they continue to do, but if they really needed you, you would be there.  Scenerio.... my uncle had a massive heart attack two weeks ago, right before my daughters wedding, i email my uncle on a weekly basis, but when this happened the next morning, I was at the hospital with my mother, (his sister) to support my uncle, my mother and my uncle's family... that's what families are for.... Well I am writing this, because of a situtation that happened today at another one of my uncles Anniversary party.  My grandma is 83 years old... and she is my rock, well since this anniversary party was a "surprise" my mom took a day off from work and went in to bring grandma out for her son's anniversary party... As we are sitting there, my cousin Rebecca came up on the porch, ( her father, my uncle and grandma's son died in 1976 at the age of 26).... grandma looked up at her waiting for Rebecca to say hello or something... Rebecca blew my grandma off... the hurt that I saw in my Grandma's eyes, was unreal.... I wanted to cry.... All my uncle ever wanted was for Rebecca to be part of my Grandma's life... and her mother kept her away... and now that's she's old enough you would think that she would want to know her father's mother... after Rebecca walked off the porch... I went over and hugged my grandma and kissed her and told her, that I love her forever.... my uncle would turn over in his grave if he could have seen how his daughter just treated his mother...  and my grandma says to me.... it's ok Kimberly.... the hurt sooner or later goes away... My grandma is 83 years old, has raised 5 children, she has 12 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.... she raised her 5 children, worked as did my grandaddy, had a home for her FAMILY....  I love my grandma....and she is part of my family..... as for the many cousins, aunts and uncles that I have...  too bad that Rebecca doesnt really know the meaning of family, because if she did, she would have taken the time to take a minute and given grandma a hug and just see how she has been.... 

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