Kaleb is so attached to his floaties it's frustrating sometimes. He will not try to swim without them. We have tried EVERYTHING and he freaks out. We swim frequently and without fail each time those floaties are right there on those skinny little arms. We have signed him up for swimming lessons and he starts in one week. That should be interesting...I feel sorry for the instructor that has to deal with him. She has assured us that she has dealt with much worse than floatie issues.

So today we're swimming in the pool and I'm trying to get Kaleb to practice without the floaties..he won't budge. As it comes to get out of the pool and get ready for some lunch, we're packing everything up and Kaleb takes off his floaties. I turn around as he is jumping in the pool..FLOATIE-LESS! I'm about to freak out as I see his head bob above the water and see him swim, yes swim without floaties, to the side of the pool. He proceeds to get out of the pool and jump in again and then swim underwater to the side of the pool. What the heck?!! LOL

 My goodness he can swim! And you know what he says? "I can swim, I've been tricking you this whole time!" LOL - He's still getting swimming lessons though. Makes me wonder what else is he holding out on???? Kids....lol

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 7:54 PM LOL what a terd!!!! glad he can swim! lol

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