I understand the need to make it to a certain point in pregnancy.  My body is gearing up for the big day. I'm already 2cm dialated, and I only need to be 3-4cm for Dr. Page to do my c-section.  I resolved myself to the fact that Cara-Brynn is going to be early, my body tells me this.  Now the only hold up is the doctors keep changing their minds.  According to one doctor I saw over the weekend, I'm undialating.  How the heck does one undialate?  She told me that there was no way I was 2cm. Then she followed up with, but I can barely reach it..  I swear her middle finger was as long as my pinky, which makes for a very short middle finger.  My doctor says not to worry about what the other doctors say, that only his official opinion counts.

So now tomorrow is our 35-36wk appointment in which I'm going to ask to be checked because I have had a lot of pain and pressure over the weekend, and I'd like to know what I am.  He is a wicked good doctor and I trust him.  If I can't have baby this week, then it needs to wait until after june 11th. I have to go to court for the finalization of my divorce.  If I miss that I am still married to my ex whom I haven't been with for over a year. 

So in short, baby this week, or it has to wait till after court on june 11th.  Ok..  my thoughts are scattered so I'm going to go lay down a while.

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