Well with all the hormones and mood swings I have been dealing with by being pregnant, this list can change daily. As of yesterday, here are the 3 things that upset me:

1. Someone taking our parking spot. Where we live, we have assigned parking. When someone parks in someone else's spot, then that person will park in someone's else's spot and it just becomes a chain reaction. We have a really close parking spot and people are always taking it.

2. When my roommate smokes in the apartment. It irritates me when I come home and smell cigarettes. He used to not smoke and I did. Well I always went outside because I have respect. Well he refuses to go outside because he said he pays rent. It irritates me to no end!!! I shouldn't have to live that way.

3. When people judge me for my opinions and beliefs. I'm tired of being told I'm not a true Christian because I made a mistake and got pregnant. I'm tired of all my so-called friends telling me I'm a bad person when they don't really know me.

Well those are my 3 things. I'm pretty sure I'll be typing a new journal post when these 3 things change. LoL.

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