Sorry I have to vent..... I am really upset by a family member today,


Families.... I have had an interesting last 2 weeks to say the least, and have found out what family is all about... or what I think family should be about... I have always been taught that you love your family... you may not always like what they do, you may not always like the way they live their life, but you are always there for them if they need you.... My daughter got married on May 17th.. on May 14th, my uncle had a massive heart attack, and my cousin said to me at the hospital that she was surprised I was there, umm he's my uncle and I would be here...that's what family does.. I had alot of family at my daughter's wedding.. Isn't it a shame you really one get to see family when someone gets married, has a baby or dies... there is no reason in today's society that we shouldnt be able to make time for family.....Today we went to my aunt and uncle's surprise....40th anniversary party... my mom went to get my grandma in WV so she could help her son celebrate... it was nice to see family and friends... but I did get upset... my mom's brother died in 1976 and the one thing he didnt want to happen has happened... My grandma was sitting up beside my aunt, my uncle daughter came up on the deck and didnt even acknowledge my grandma... to see the hurt in her eyes... i just wanted to cry, I wanted to go to my cousin and shake her.... and tell her of the hurt she just inflicted on my grandma.... and all i could do is hug my grandma and tell her I love her... and that I love her forever... My grandma is 83 years old... and my pillar of strength... everyone should be blessed ot have such a woman in their life.... and for my cousin who did take the time... shame on you... shame on you for treating this lady our grandma with such disrespect... I dont care that you didnt acknowledge me.. but you could have one more step and at least spoke to her!!!! She is your grandmother and regardless of what your mother has said... to you... she is your FAMILY and she loves you unconditionally even though you have stepped alll over her heart....

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