I had been talking with family and found something i did not know! My dad was good friends with my DH uncle when i was a toddler. My mom said i use to play with a little dark haired boy all the time when my dad took me to his friends home! When i told my hubby he told me he was in the preschool across the street from my old preschool! This i found funny and looked in too it more i talked with DH's dad and he told me that yes my hubby was always around his uncles home and played with a little girl that looked like my baby pic's ! Was it meant to be that later in life we find one another??? Or is it we just lived in a small town???

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 8:25 PM Probably meant to be. My husbands and my paths have crossed several times growing up. Even though we officially met on a blind date. It isn't coincidental it's destiny as we call it.

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