What is it about the germy and most disgusting things that so enthralls small children. My son is not big on food. He has to be coaxed into eating, and usually he only wants sweet or salty. But everytime I turn around, he is chewing on something....something he has found on the floor somewhere....and it is NOT EVEN FOOD! WHY? He only wants to eat food that he has fallen on the floor? Does the floor provide some special seasoning that makes it irresistible? Is it the fact that his dad and I run to get to it before he gets it into his mouth that makes it that much more delicious and mouth-watering?

And the toilet....OH MY GOODNESS! He is always trying to sneak into the bathroom to play in the toilet....the bain of all filthy places! At my home, there are doorknob covers that he can not turn, even when he stands on his toys and is actually able to reach the knob. At my grandmother's house, all he has to do is pull down on the door handles and can go into most rooms-including the bathroom. One day, on a recent odyssey to play in the toilet, I caught him. He ran (as he usually does when he is caught doing something he knows will get him into trouble). When I yelled at him and spanked his hand, he cried and immediately put his filthy hands up to rub his EYES! I pushed them away and he, stil screaming, put them into his MOUTH! All I could do was clean his hands, then wash them, them rinse his eyes out, then rinse his mouth out and hope that he didn't get pink-eye out his butt or e.coli or some other horrible deadly infection. Is it the mission of children to give their mothers' gray hair before they even turn 25?

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