Daffy Duck went to that huge pond in the sky on May 30, 2008. She was born in March 2006 and enjoyed a happy, fun but short life. She was a Pekin Duck (aka White Duck) and was bought at the flea market as an Easter present. She lived most of her life guarding the backyard from her pen and hut. She enjoyed an occasional feast of grass blades, celery, and carrots. She was a good duck, a faithful duck, and will be missed.
Daffy is survived by her "Mom" Susan, "Dad" Gary, and siblings Alizabeth and Gage all at home. Also, is Roxy the dog and Henry the snake.
In lieu of flowers (they are toxic to ducks) the family requests that people visit your local pond and feed a duck or two.

We buried our duck in the backyard in a grave on the hill. We will miss her as she was the coolest pet we will probably ever own. If you have a fond memory of Daffy please share it here.

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