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Yesterday my husband walked into our downstairs bathroom and there was water all over the floor.  The toilet had been stopped up and I had not had time to unstop it yet.  Apparently the stupid toilet decided to overflow on its own!!!!  I do not know any other thing that could have happened.  My daughter is too young to flush our toilets (you have to push down really hard to flush them).  OK, so we mopped up the water and cleaned the floor.  Last night my husband went downstairs to the kitchen right before we went to bed and there was a huge puddle of water in the middle of the kitchen floor!!!!!  Still have no idea where that water came from.  So today after church I used our steam cleaner and gave the bathroom and kitchen floors (the bathroom is off the kitchen) a good steam cleaning.  I was good and thought everything was fine.  Well, a few minutes ago I noticed a blanket on the carpet was wet.  The whole carpet was wet!!!  It was under our sofa and side table so we had not noticed it until now.  Our guess is the bathroom water leaked under the floorboards since the carpet was wet where the living room and bathroom share a wall.  Poop water on my carpet...GREAT!!!!!! UGH!!!!  We store our daughter's books in a basket underneath the side table.  Fortunately most of the books were ok because they were in the basket.  A couple of the books had fallen out of the basket and had to be thrown away.  A really sweet book that my husband and I picked out for Robyn's first Valentine's Day was among the ones we had to toss.  I spelled F - - - to my husband about that, would have said the word, but Robyn was in the room.  I also had been working on Robyn's baby book yesterday and had it against the wall beside the sofa.  Thank goodness I had put it in a basket as well or it would be ruined!  Some other assorted papers, cards, and stationary were also under the side table and they are all trash now.  A friend had just given them to me, so besides losing some really cute blank cards and stationary I am not upset about them being tossed.  The sofa and table are pulled back from the wall and I was going to steam clean the carpet as my husband bathed our daughter.  I was so freaking mad that I had to come vent first!!  I do feel a little better now and I think I managed to keep this rant clean!  I will reread before I post! lol  Deep Breath, okay, I will be okay... got to go steam clean poop water.



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Jun. 1, 2008 at 8:56 PM Wow.  That's horrible, but you are more calm than I would be.  Wonder what's causing the flooding.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:38 PM oh my gosh!  how horrible!  I'm so sorry sweetie!

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