This week after one of the worst weeks ever, I had to sit down and count my blessing.  I have been working at a company that has the worst schedules for a person with kids let alone a person with 5 kids all on different schedules, but it lets me do homework on the clock.   The summer is fast approaching so I spent the week making appointments, signing people up for summer activities, and interviewing nannies.  My dilemma like most moms is of course not enough time in the day to do all that I am required to do.  Also I have notice the I become somewhat lazy about making special time for each child.  So this is my week for changes, since I have been complaining about my weight I now do yoga once a day everyday in the morning at 5:30 because no one but me will be up.  As for my special time with each child I will have to be creative, my son and I do spend about 30 minutes each night watching TV and talking so he is covered, and my oldest daughter and I will chat everyday for at least 20 minutes.  Its the little ones that it going to be a problem, my 3 & 2 year old do everything together.  I have decided after much time and consideration to take what little time they will give me each day and cherish it.  When they sit on my lap or we all cuddle on the couch to watch a movie it still counts.  I will not beat myself up because I cant give the individual attention every single day.  My 3 month old and I actually have quality time during diaper changes and feeding so I am satisfied with that.  Now I know that I just forgot someone, oh yes my husband, well I have promised to pencil him in on Wednesdays and Sunday when we are both at home, we will make an effort to go to the movies on those days or out to lunch or something just the two of us. I will count all my blessing tonight before I go to sleep because in the big picture life is life and you make the best of it that you can.

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