#1- Prejudice- of any kind. I don't care what religion, color, sexual orientation, background, gender, height, weight, etc. that anyone is- you deserve the same rights as everyone else!!! Everyone should have the right to vote, marry, shop where they want, go to school where they want, etc. just like everyone else! A little note to those that are racist- It doesn't matter WHAT color  we are or where we come from WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!! There are bad people and good people of every color and ethnicity- get over yourselves!!

#2- When my husband lies and I know he is lying but he just keeps on doing it. It is not like these are huge lies either. It will just be dumb little lies! For example- I will KNOW he stopped by his friends house after work but when I ask him about it he will say he didn't. STUPID lie! Just say "yeah I did." and we will be through with it! What do you think- I am going to spank you if you tell the truth??? I just want to know!!! 

#3- Commercials at the movies. WTF?? I pay $7 for a ticket for a 2 hour movie, $5 for a medium soda, $3 for a small bag of candy then I sit down to a friggin' coke commercial that I could see in my own livingroom for free. When I go to the movies I want to see the comming attractions and then the movie that I paid for. Its not like these movie theaters are hurting for $$ so what is the deal?? It just pisses me off!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:40 PM LMAO I agree with you 100%. I am trying to teach Andrew that everyone here is American and the only difference is how light or dark someone is and  that is only on the outside and we are all the same inside.

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