1) i can not stand other people interfearing in my life! i understand and respect other opinions i realy do and i LOVE my family and friends, but when i hear my family constently saying things like "you cant have him born around the 6th thats your cousins birthday!!!" or even "you cant have him in JUNE kearin (my cousin) bday is in JUNE!" or even "im leaving town the week of the 14th so u cant have him then"  well GUESS WHAT PEOPLE he is DUE the 18th!!! and whenver HE wants to come HE WILL COME!!!! regardless of WHOS bday is that month!!! honestly its like they cant just be happy there always nickpicking at MY life!!! and my UNBORN childs!!! who they Heck are they to deside when i can and can not have my SON!! get real!!! oh and my bday and my sisters bday happen to be the same months my other cousins bday is and WERE older by 10 years!!! do i get mad that they chose to be born the same month as ME!!! no cuzz im not that selfish!! theres millions of people in the world who have the SAME bday as me!!!  and also my grandma is telling me how i HAVE to name him with a B or irish name to keep in the family tradition!!! well i choose bradlee before i ever knew i was pregnant because i LOVED that name, but its not OUR family tradition because ME AND CHRIS AND OUR SON is OUR family were going to have our OWN traditions and people need to GET OVER IT!!!

 2)My boyfriends family!!!! They have HATED me since me and chris first got together, he was always shy and never stood up for himself even though his mom was always stealing money from him and treating him like crap and his sisters got away with EVERYTHING!!! his mom even kicked him out of her house on his 17th birthday! and then refused to give him his own bed and dressers!!! his bed ended up sittin gout in the rain and got moldy and his dressers that he had since he was a kid was given away to one of his sisters!!! i mean that i think is good enough of a reason for me to dislike them but i always tried to be nice and tried not to perposly piss any of them off yet they are always talking shit about me!!! like IM the one who is HORABLE and shouldnt be taking care of thier son/brother!!! ive been with chris since i was 16 years old! me and my family have suported him and taken care of him and treated him like a real family should! i know ive helped him out more than they have ever or could ever have done! i made sure he went to school instead  of ditching! i made sure he had places to sleep at night! i payed for his clothes cuzz his mom and dad never took him clothes shopping in overe 4 years!!! and then everytime me and him had a fight about ANYTHING id get harrassing text messages from all of them at once being RUDE and saying how I treat him like crap and how I shouldnt be with him!!! honestly if it wasnt for me who knows ware he would be! he grew up feeling unloved and not being cared for! i gave him the love and suport he needed to make something happen with his life! and they still to this day treat us horibly for it! i even invited them to my baby shower because its thier family too and my family havnt even realy gotten to meet any of them! but they all said theyd come and NONE showd up!!! i could care less what they think of me but it hurt chris SO much to see all my family yet again be there for us and none of his family care!!! i want to give up on them but i alway hope sumday they will realize i am going to be with him forever weather they like me or not and that i am GOOD for him! nd maybe sumday they will at least treat chris better i dont care how they treat me its his biological family they need to be there for HIM and im not going to let them hurt chris or our son!

3)DRIVERS! hello im 9 months pregnant ive got a baby on board sticker on my window a carseat in my car even those sunblocker things hung up and yet  people constantly are cutting me off (i usualy dont drive chris does but it wouldnt matter who was driving its a daily thing) running us down like we did somthing wrong!! i swear ive almost gotten hit by 2 fed ex drivers HUGE trucks who didnt bother to look before trying to change lanes! or people not stopping at stop lites or signs!!! i know im a young driver and alot of people think id drive horable because of it but im actually a save driver, i do the speed limit or maybe 5 over i keep in the slow lane if people want to drive faster than me! and i always look out for what other drivers are doing and it just scares me so bad thinking i can be compleatly save and still end up in an accident or dead becasue other people dont bother to pay attention or have bad road rage and take it out on me for not reading there mind and going how fast they want me to!!!  i try to be carefull for my sons sake he means the world to me even tho hes not born yet! and i swear if i get into a car accident they better hope for there sake my son was NOT ingured in ANYway or eles i will make thier life a living hell!!!

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