Lost Innocence


Lost Innocence

Where have all the fairies gone that played in the shadows and hid in the corn?

Where are the leprechauns that lived in the trees? and kept their pot of gold well hidden from me?

Where are the ghosts that lived in the attic the witches that flew through the night on a broom and the little green men that came from the moon?

Did little Bo Peep ever find her sheep and little Boy Blue awake from his sleep?

Do cows still jump over the moon and the dish still run away with the spoon?

They all fade away as the years slip by and reality becomes clear as fantasy dies.

We all must learn the facts of life and only believe in the things that are right.

As the weight of this life gets harder to bear and no one''s left that really cares I''d like to believe that facts are fantasy and fantasy is fact Life would be much nicer like that.

Bernice Price Copyright ©2005 Bernice Price

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