I had planned on starting today with working around the house and cleaning up,laundry, and cooking for the week....didn't happen. We went to lunch with MIL, and then came home, and crashed and then cooked dinner.

monday, i have to drop off stuff at Goodwill Industries, pick up DD at noon from school, come home practice for her talent show. figure out the details for her outfit (she nn to wear it on tuesday for dress rehearsal), then run back into town for my Jujutsu class, which i will then say good bye to a friend i met in September, he will be flying out for Afghanastan on Thursday for a job.

Tuesday is dress rehearsal,school,Jujutsu for my DD and come home, clean as much of the house, my parents and sister are coming on Thursday for the talent show (surprising my DD).

Wednesday, self defense class, school, cleaning, laundry, paint the living room, get Lowe's to measure floors.  BATHE the DOG (has to be clean for my parents). Pray for our friend, hope to GOD is will be back in 6 months and not be hurt.

Thursday, school, jujutsu (for girls), clean up what i can, parents arrive, talent show, go to dinner after, girls go with grandparents to hotel, 

Friday...NO school , HUBBIES BIRTHDAY, private lesson for jujutsu, hair cuts for family, dinner, buy paint for living room.

Saturday, out to lunch w/MIL  and his family for DH birthday, self defense class, clean garage out, cut weeds, clean cars out.


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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:40 PM You need to hit VEGAS....

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