Number 1: People who hurt their kids. I mean really now?? How??? Why?? Ugh.

Number 2: People who abuse state help and or welfare. I work a real job and it's hard as hell. Am I walking around with manicured nails and all name brands while my kids are in trashed dirty clothes complaining they are hungry (at the mall too)? NOOOO. I may not have 4 inch fake nails and fake hair but my rent's paid and I'm not riding the bus with a 1400 dollar Luis Vutton bag.

Number 3: The idiots in my neighborhood that drive around like it's a quarter mile track and not a side street where CHILDREN PLAY OUTSIDE. Jackasses. SLOW DOWN!!!!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:25 PM

I am with you! .......Explain to me how they can't afford a condom to stop themselves from having a fourth kid on welfare but their pumps cost more than my whole outfit!  Or why they live in a section 8 housing unit in the getto but they are drivng a escalade!   I find it messed up!

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