There's more than 3...but whatever... 

1. Paying bills....I have so, utilities, etc...

2. Someone hitting on MY hubby..bitches better back off...I don't want to go to jail anytime soon!

3. Idiot GR there seems to be an abundant of them....they need to get out of my way

4. Cold weather...I know...why the hell do I live in Michigan!!!!

5. My dad dying....enough said

6. My husband's dad has called Isaac, Jaccob...not once but twice!!! Funny thing is though, is that he only has one other grandchild and his name is X'ander....and yet he has no problem remembering his name! GRRRRRR...

7. Porn & nudity....every freakin movie has boobs in it I want that be thrown in my hubby's face everytime we turn on the tv! No wonder the divorce rate's so high!

8. My niehgbor who thinks he's speedracer! I live on a small caldasac and someone he manages to hit 50mph in between the 4 house radius he drives....he's going to get his ass kicked if i catch him doing that when Isaac's old enough to play out in the yard!

9. Gas prices...seriously I'm not going to be able tp afford to drive to work

10. Fighting w/ Brandon (hubby)...sometimes we fight about stupid stuff & it pisses me off

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:35 PM I can totally relate to almost ALL of that! You are so right.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:17 PM Thanks...I think a lot of women can.....sometimes people and things we have to do are just so stupid it makes me!

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