I'm not the type of person to get angry over what some people may call "major things". Call me a name, and it rolls off my back, for example. When I get angry, it tends to be over my little "pet peeves" or those little annoyances that just, well, annoy me to no end. Limiting it to three will be a challenge, but I'll try to be brief.

First of all, I cannot stand registries! Baby, bridal, retirement, anniversary, new home, birthday - I don't care! Each time I see an invitation with the dreaded phrase "registered at_______________" I just want to scream. Then I go online to see the registry and it never fails - outrageously priced gifts or gifts that no one would ever buy for themselves, but want someone else to buy for them. Ugh. I hate being told what to buy and how much to spend.

Plus, how is a shower a surprise if the bride or mom to be is registered? Obviously, they are expecting a shower or they wouldn't have registered. And if they look on line and see how many items were purchased they can certainly narrow down the weekend of the event, can't they?

They just get my goat. I have never purchased from a registry, and I hope never to. I always want to be the gift that is truly a surprise and is given from my heart. Not one that was listed by the guest of honor, so that s/he knows how much I spent. Call it a wish list, call it "suggestions" or "ideas", it's still someone telling others what to buy, where to buy it, and how much to spend.

Can you tell they get me mad????

Next, how about those people who like to tell you how easy your job is? Or how overpaid you are? Yep, I gotta bite my tongue at this one. No one realizes how insulting it is to cut down another person's occupation. As a teacher, I am constantly the butt of these comments. I admit, I love the time off we get in the summer, but guess what? We don't get any paid vacations. I want to say them, "How much vacation time do you get? 3 weeks? 4 weeks? Paid? Boy, do you have it easy!" but my mommy taught me if I can't say anything nice, shut up.

Yep, I love hearing how I'm overpaid. Wouldn't you love it?

Love hearing how I'm responsible if a kid fails a class, or doesn't do his homework.

I'm sure firemen love hearing about how they sit around and do nothing all day, and police love being criticized for being too tough, or not vigilant enough too.

Get the idea? I hate job bashers! And there are so many jobs out there being bashed!

No one - yes, no one - should bash another person's job. The only people who have the correct knowledge to critique a particular occupation are those who have held that occupation. What may seem like a cushy job to you certain isn't to the person who holds that job. Until you know the entire story (I mean the ENTIRE story, not what you've observed from the sidelines), please reserve your judgement. Or, try taking that person's job over for two weeks. One day won't give you the FULL experience, but two weeks ought to do it.

Oh, I'm getting heated now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, there's the hypocrisyI see constantly. Oh, it takes many forms! From family members who expect to be included in things, then don't include you, to people who say one thing then do another. My favorite is what I see on CafeMom all the time, or what I hear during lunch talk.

"Sure, I respect everyone's opinions."

Then BAMMMM the minute someone disagrees, they are trashed, called names, called ignorant, called anti-this or anti-that.

Some freedom of speech, huh? You have a right to your opinion, after I tell you what it is.

The toughest part of freedom or speech (or freedom of religion) is protecting the rights of people you disagree with to say the things that you oppose with your entire being. ONLY in doing that do you truly embrace freedom of speech.

It's not selective. Christian or atheist, pro life or pro choice, vaccinate or not vaccinate, cry it out or cosleeping, breastfeed or formula feed, Jewish or Catholic, Obama or Clinton, Democrat or Republican, gay marriage or civil unions, Bush hater or Bush supporter, the most outrageous things you've ever heard to the most over played cliche, it makes NO difference!!!! If you hold an opinion, claim you are tolerant, then bash another person's opinions, then you are a hypocrite.

I put up with hypocrites, simply because there are so many around! But, boy, do they get me angry! My husband gets an earful after I've run into one!

OK, I'm really ANGRY now thinking about these things!!!!! UGH! I'd better sign off this thing! Time to calm down!

<stomp, stomp, stomp>



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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:10 PM Hypocrisy is also a big thing that gets to me too. And you are sooo right when you say you run into it ALOT here on CM.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 9:34 AM

Hot Dog! The "job bashers" take the cake!

Sister, you couldn't PAY me enough to do your job...I commend you.

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