I have lived in this apartment since 2005 and my water has always been no more then 55-60 dollars.  I live in a two bedroom apartment and it's myself and my littel boy.  He got a little three ring pool which is a pain to fill up with no water hose but I do manage to carry some water in a tub thing and get it filled to the first line.  It's Ok with him and all the neighbor freinds come to play with them hooking up the diving board (the tub turned over) and the slide and they get the most out of it.  I got my water bill yesterday and nearly hit the groud it's 220.00!!  He has used the pool thing maybe three times so I am wondering do you think mistake, or could that little dinky pool really run up a 220.00 bill??  I sure don't want to waste my whole stimlus check on that..  needless to say I will be marching to the water place tomorrow and questioning it and if happened that dinky little pool ran up my water bill that much we will be tossing it in the trash.  So much for good times..lol.  There is a picture of the dinky pool in my pictures so you can veiw on leave a comment or two do you think the water bill is correct?  I am curious.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:58 PM make sure your toilet isn't running. that is what caused ours to triple from forty five to one hundred seventy five. could be a leak somewhere or they read the wrong meter. don't expect them to say it is there fault most times they don't. good luck and send me an update. ok?

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