I am a very happy mother and wife. I live in Manchester with my husband and two amazing little girls. I feel like I am lost though. I am not who I use to be before the marrage and kids. I have gained a 100 pounds and lost myself. I use to have friends. I thought that they were good ones too. I was very mistaken!! They were all about themselves. I cant handle self abosrbed people. I am the type to do anything for anyone. All I want is someone to be there for me the way I am there for them. I do anything for my friends. One of them was short on the money she needed for her wedding and I ended up giving it to her when I really didnt have the money. I let them into a very intimate time in my life. I let them watch me give birth. They were they only because they wanted to be. I would have never let them in the room if they had not asked. You would think that I would at least get a phone call when my best friend was in the hospital having her baby. But no, I found out from her sister in law that she was there. My younget daughter stoped breathing on my birthday!! I called and called my friends because I really needed someone there with me while my husband couldnt be and they went shopping!! SHOPPING!! The child that they watched me have stops breathing and is rushed to the hospital and they decided to go shopping. Great friends they are!! I need new ones. I need friends to go out to dinner with, go to the gym with, and have fun nights with the kids with. I need a married couple with kids to hang out with. My husband is very into video games. I am very into all the regular girly things. I have two girls that love to play. I am 24 but really mentally I am probably like 30. I own my home and my cars. I dont drink, smoke or do drugs. I am trying to raise my children to be great people. I want to have friends that have the same goals and outlook on life. I want to be able to go out to dinner on a friday night with friends and my family. I want to have a husband and wife team that we do all this with. If you know anyone that would like the same things as me let me know. Beleve me I have tryed and tryed to find that one great family that we can meet on saterday morning and go to the park with!!! I know that they are out there! All I need is some help finding them.

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