Hmmm, where to start...... The first thing that makes me angry beyond belief is people that try to offer parenting advice.....but do NOT have children themselves. How in the world is somebody else going to tell me how to raise my kids when they have not experienced anything that I have??? Drives me crazy. Another thing that makes me angry is my DHs family. They are all nuts. His mom tries to buy love and affection with material things, his dad is an annoying drunk, and the most of his extended family are stuck up. The last thing that makes me angry is turning on the news and hearing all those stories about mothers abusing and murdering their kids. Turns my stomach that somebody could do that to their own flesh and blood....or even hearing about those nannies abusing kids in their care.....ugh!!!!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:16 PM People using the word STUPID, children spitting, people patronizing me!!!!!!

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